Agriturismo for the next holidays

Agriturismo  is a particular type of structure that offers catering and overnight accommodation as well as a hotel, but is characterized by the fact that it realizes in its own good part of the food. In recent years, in Italy, culinary tourism has increased dramatically and within a short time thousands of such structures have been born.

How to choose the right agriturismo for the next holiday? We see in this guide how to choose a quality farmhouse and thus avoid spoiling the holiday.

From the stars to the “ears”
Although not everyone knows, as is the case with hotels’ stars, scores are also awarded to agriturismo based on the products and services offered to the client (rooms, furnishings, additional services, etc.). Unlike hotels, however, agriturismo is not classified with the typical “stars” but with “ears”. Of course, the greater the number of ears, the greater the structure class.

Many types of agriturismo
As for the type of structure one of the first factors to consider is definitely the location. Depending on where they are located (sea, mountain or countryside), the agritourisms will have to offer different services that the customer should always carefully evaluate. In recent years, however, structures have been characterized by particular attractions.

For example, the case of agriturismo that have aesthetic centers, spa treatments and professional swimming pools. In these structures customers will enjoy nature while at the same time treating their body. There are even agriturismo specializing in dog and master stays. In short, the first thing to consider when choosing an agriturismo is, according to your needs, the services you can’t do without.

What are the factors to consider in choosing?
Having said that, we now see what aspects to check carefully to book a quality agriturismo:

• When deciding to book, it is always advisable to ask the manager some questions. It is advisable to ask for clarifications about the food products offered by the company. Agriturismo, in fact to be defined as such, should always cultivate and directly produce a fair number of products;
• Also to understand if the agriturismo you chose is actually a place of relaxation and peace it is important to inquire about the places available in the restaurant. An agriturismo, by its nature, is almost always family-run and therefore should offer a fairly limited number of covered areas.
• To be sure of the quality of the property, be sure to check that there are no commercial areas or busy business areas nearby, but at the same time the structure is well-connected to the city center with fast, easy-to-reach roads to reach historical and cultural interest place in a short time.