Easy to Get a Rental Car

I was really excited to go to Dubai for my business meeting. It was the first time I had been there, and I decided to take my wife with me. Normally, she stays home when I travel for business, but I knew that we could have a lot of fun in Dubai. This was even more true since my company was taking care of all the major expenses like airfare, the hotel room and even renting a vehicle and having meals there. They told me I could take care of the details, or they could.

Since I knew they would put us in a great hotel, I had them take care of that for us along with the airplane tickets. I knew that we would just explore different places to eat. That left getting a car. I knew that for the first three days or so, I would be busy a good bit of the day with meetings. I still wanted my wife to have something comfortable to drive because I didn’t want her to have to stay in the hotel if she wanted to go out and explore. I decided that I did want to handle the car rental on our own as far as picking out the vehicle that we would use.

It was easy to look at the different vehicles on the car rental site that my secretary directed me to. I wanted something luxurious for my wife, but something that was easy to drive too. I was able to use some filters on the site, and it was quite easy finding the car that we wanted to get. The process of renting it directly from that site was easy too, and my wife loved traveling around to different interesting sites in it. I may just take her more often when I go on these trips now!