Enjoy Thailand without Breaking the Bank

Thailand is a very affordable destination to visit. Everything in Thailand is much more affordable than you think, and it is easy to see why. You can, for instance, get a superb meal for as little as 50p; the choices of affordable accommodation are no less interesting for budget travellers.

Another great thing about Thailand is that you can still enjoy the best of this country, even when you are travelling on a budget. To help you plan a great trip to the country without breaking the bank, we are going to take a look at attractions, tips, and more in this article.

Hit the Street Vendors

Street food is very cheap in Thailand, so trying some from the street food vendors is highly recommended. There is a simple way of identifying which street food to try and that is to try the food of busy (or busier) vendors.

Busy vendors make the food they sell more frequently. Some of them even resort to making food to customers’ orders, which means you know you will get a freshly cooked meal and a delicious treat to try. Besides, busy vendors are the ones with the best food, aren’t they?

A Day with Elephants

There are a lot of things you can do in Thailand, but giving the ethical elephant Thailand conservation centre a try is a must. The conservation centre is located in Chiang Mai and it is very easy to reach. A day at this place will be a day well-spent.

The conservation centre gives you plenty of activities to try, including the opportunity to play with baby elephants. Different branches of the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary are also available in Phuket and Pattaya, allowing you to reach one easily no matter where you are in the country.

Do Some Temple-Hopping

Another affordable and fun thing to try in Thailand is temple-hopping; in fact, it is definitely one of the things you absolutely need to try at least once. Thailand is famous for its temples and there are a quite a few across the country. They are beautiful and fascinating, which is why temple-hopping can be a lot of fun.

Chiang Mai has some great temples in and near the city. Khlong Mai is the home of WatSampharan and its famous dragon statue. You can also visit the WatMahathat, known as home of the largest monastic order in Thailand.

Snorkelling in Thailand

Thailand has several beautiful diving sites, but diving can be expensive. If you want to keep the trip affordable, head to Koh Tao and snorkel instead. The underwater view is incredible, there are a lot of sea creatures ready to greet you, and you have the Lighthouse and Mango Bays waiting to be explored.

Mango Bays in particular is another must-visit to add to your travel itinerary. Snorkelling here means coming across a lot of rainbow fish and getting the chance to really enjoy the warm water. If you bring your own equipment, snorkelling in Mango Bays is actually free!

Whether you enjoy going on a culinary adventure or you want to absorb Thailand’s beautiful underwater sceneries, there is always a way to engage in these without breaking the bank. The activities we covered in this article will get you started right away.