Flying Away to the Philippines

The Philippines is a popular destination because it has a fascinating history, a vibrant and unique culture, bustling cities, a diversity of man-made and nature crafted landscapes, beautiful unspoiled beaches and active volcanoes. It is a nation that offers something for travelers of all ages and different tastes.


If you are planning a trip to the Philippines as a tourist, you do not require a visa. You need a valid US passport and a return ticket to the USA, or a ticket to another country.


You should have enough cash while traveling in the Philippines. ATMs in the Philippines function only if they are attached to banks. Filipinos rarely accept traveler’s checks. When you travel within large cities in the Philippines, your credit cards are easily accepted. You may require enough cash to pay for services in other places. If you have to send money to the Philippines, make sure that your family or friends find a reliable agency to transfer money to the Philippines in case of an emergency during your visit.


Choose the best season to visit South East Asia before planning a trip to the Philippines. The weather in South East Asia including the Philippines is dry and cool between November and February.


Many low-cost airlines fly to the Philippines and you can search on the internet and find the best airline dealĀ that fits your budget.

Things to do

The Philippines offers a range of activities and attractions for all types of travelers. If you are fascinated by the history of the places you travel to, the Philippines has many places of historical interest. There are monuments relating to Spanish ruled Philippines, World War II, and other unique man-made wonders. If you are a nature lover, the Philippines offers coral reefs, active volcanoes, a wide range of unique flora and fauna, lagoons, beaches, underground rivers, and waterfalls. If you want a quiet getaway, the Philippines has many beach and mountain resorts located amidst unspoiled natural settings. The Philippines offers a choice of activities for water sports enthusiasts.


Before booking a hotel in the Philippines you should shop for the hotel offering the best price according to your budget. The best way is to shop online among the many hotel booking websites. You can check out the feedback from other tourists before making a choice of a hotel in your preferred destination in the Philippines. Frequent travelers can get a cash rewards benefit on these hotel booking websites.


Getting around in the Philippines for tourists is fairly easy. However, it is recommended that tourists avoid rides in private cars and avoid hitchhiking. Petty crime including pickpocketing is common and petty criminals target tourists. The Philippines has a unique brightly colored vehicle made from World War II Jeeps called the Jeepney. Tourists can take a ride in these jeepneys for the experience rather than for getting around. Rental cars are available but tourists will find it difficult to navigate the roads in the country. Taxis are the recommended option to get around for tourists. Tourists must insist on paying by the meter or they are likely to be ripped off.


To enjoy your trip to the Philippines you need to stay healthy during the visit. All your routine vaccines should be up to date. You need to take vaccinations against malaria, rabies, typhoid, hepatitis-B, yellow fever, and Japanese Encephalitis. Ask your doctor before you get vaccinated against these possible travel related diseases.

Expecting the Unexpected

If travelers from the US exercise reasonable caution, they can have a pleasant holiday in the Philippines. The problems while traveling in the Philippines include unexpected weather problems, you may become the victim of petty crime and you will discover that nobody keeps time. If you fly to the Philippines without unreasonable expectations of all plans working like clockwork, you will enjoy a fulfilling holiday. You must also expect unexpected bad weather spells including typhoons or earthquakes. You can also expect cancellation of your plans because of local issues or bad weather.

Traveling to the Philippines is a wonderful experience because it offers many attractions for travelers of all ages and requirements in a warm climate amidst warm-hearted people.