Get the Finest Options for the Paris Transfer

How to arrive in Paris from airport? And how to choose the fastest and most effective way depending on the location of the apartment you rented? Here are our tips to arrive in Paris with confidence.

Where is Airport?

The airport is the second largest airport in France after Paris CDG airport. It is composed of 2 terminals: the South terminal called “Terminal S” and the West Terminal named “Terminal W”. The airport is located fourteen kilometers south of Paris, near the town of Orly. Domestic flights, European flights and flights to the Middle East, Maghreb and the French West Indies arrive and depart mainly from Orly airport.

 From Orly to Paris

 Travel to Paris from Orly airport via public transport?

A wide choice of possibilities is offered to you to join Paris. Public transport is the cheapest option and taxis probably the most convenient.It is a regular shuttle that runs between Orly airport (south and west terminals) and Paris. This is probably the most economical transfer by train, but the transport time is sometimes a bit long. The shuttle runs every 8 to 15 minutes for a journey of 25 to 35 minutes. For the low cost Paris transfer this is the best option.

 For more information visit the RATP website

Paris Shuttle

The Air France Orly Paris shuttle connects Orly airport to Paris Etoile / Champs-Élysées via Gare Montparnasse and Invalides. The frequency of passage is 20 minutes.

RER B and OrlyVal

The Orlyval shuttle connects Orly airport to Paris in about 30 minutes. You will have to take the Orlyval shuttle bus from Orly airport to Antony station (RER B) then take the RER B to Saint Michel Notre Dame to get to the heart of Paris.

 There are two starting points from Orly Airport:

  • The first is at the airport Orly South: door K baggage deliveries area.
  • The second is in the Orly West airport: A level 1 door.

Orlyval shuttles run daily from 6h to 23h with a waiting time of 5 to 7 minutes.The RER C makes it possible to reach Paris from Paris Orly airport by taking the Paris Par le Train shuttle. The shuttle connects RER Pont Rungis station in about 35 minutes. To take the shuttle bus from Orly South Airport, look for Exit C and then stop 6. And from West Terminal at Orly Airport West, look for Exit C and then Stop 7.

Taxis or Uber

Many taxis (watch out!) Leave the airport for the destination of your choice. Only taxis located at the stations at the arrival doors mentioned below (see “taxi terminal locations”) are authorized to take charge of customers. These official taxis are recognizable by the bright sign on the roof of the vehicle. If you are approached leaving the baggage delivery room by people claiming to be taxis, we invite you to decline any transport proposal.

A new alternative: the Grand Paris Express

This project, approved by the Supervisory Board on July 10, 2016, will make it easier to serve the three Paris airports. In particular, Orly airport will be connected to the center of Paris by line 14. Indeed, line 14 of the Parisien metro will be extended for 14 km to the south, thus connecting the Orly airport to Saint-Denis, which will make it the backbone of Greater Paris.