Stay in the United States for Travel

The past three years, both alone and with my family, I have gone to Europe for my summer vacations. The thing is, Europe is very inexpensive to visit right now and I took advantage of that. I wanted to see more of my own beautiful country, the United States of America so I decided that Beaver Creek rentals would be a great place to start looking. I have lived my entire life in the state of Connecticut and I thought that seeing Colorado would be a great place to visit so I could get an experience of finding out what living out West would be like. I did not know if I wanted to stay in a hotel or rent a private home so I spoke with my family and they said that they didn’t care, as long as we were together, they would be happy.

I am always the person that goes and makes the plans. At the start of every trip, when it is time to go and research where we want to go and what we want to do, we do that as a family. My friends do not travel much so it is not something that we can talk about. I have a great friend that refuses to go into debt or refuses to go far from home. She has not traveled much and I guess since she was not raised that way that she would not know what it is like to have the travel bug. In fact, I think that it is good to go and experience things on your own so that you can have a more rounded view of the world. Many people do not take the time to listen to other people about their experiences, and that can be a missed opportunity as far as I am concerned.