Survival Tips When You Go Broke Abroad (And Get Stuck)

Stranded in another country with no money? Any trip can turn into a nightmare when you’re in a foreign land, not familiar with the way of things, and you go broke due to whatever circumstances (could be a mugging or losing of valuables).

However, if such a scenario occurs, fret not, for we’ll give you tips and methods of survival, ranging from transfer of moneyto other steps, by the end of this article, you will be well versed in facing such a situation if It occurs. 

Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer could be your best option for transferring the funds. However, desperate times do call for desperate measures. It’s available in most countries, and the money transfer could be done within a few hours. So, calling your friends and family, and asking them for cash would seem like the best option. If you don’t have enough money to make the call, reverse the call to charge the one you’re calling.

After the transfer, the money can easily be collected from an agreed spot.

Government Emergency Financial Assistance and Repatriation

Most countries offer a repatriation program. For example, in the US, the Department of Overseas Citizen Services (OCS) aidsUS citizens traveling abroad in contacting the traveler’s family member for fund transfer or give a repatriation loan that needs to be paid back. (OCS can be contacted in any US consulate or embassy)

Similarly, in some cases, the British Consul will pay for your return to the UK, keeping your passport for safekeeping until you pay back the loan.

Ask Government for Further Help

The government usually offers travelers with young children, who are under 18 or disabled, free lodging and food for the time being, when funds are being arranged. The government also has a list of helpful websites, which would aid in such situations (which could be searched online).


Try To Get Temporary Work

While funds are being arranged, or to survive if they aren’t, try getting local and temporary work if possible. No matter where the place, working opportunities always arise and that opportunity should be exploited. The work could be any from washing dished, performing in the street, or any small gig that can be performed without a proper license.

In most countries (such as Vietnam and China), teaching English proves to be an easy getting and well-paid job, so do avail such an opportunity if it arises.

Sell What You Can Sell

I’m not talking about selling your kidney, no. However, in most countries, you could sell your sperm, blood plasma, eggs, or volunteer for experimentation and get paid for it.

You could also sell your stuff, whether its electronics or clothes. Try selling stuff at specialized stores rather than pawn shops; they pay more.

Accommodation for Work

Some hotels, campsites or other such similar places offer accommodation and food in exchange for you working there. Working with them, until you find a better way to return home, would put a roof over your head, which is an important necessity.

Go Viral

Try getting the internet to help you out. A GoFundme campaign could be started (if your story resonates with people and would indeed seek their sympathy), and friends, family and giving strangers could help out. You could also write on any social media platform and ask for help from the masses.

Although being stuck in an unfamiliar place is indeed a scary situation, following these tips would surely make survival easier. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for help and follow these tips to survive meanwhile.

About the Author Sharon Kalipai is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency in Denver, CO. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel, dance and read books.