Traveling abroad: Great gift ideas for when you’re away

You are away in a foreign country on business or work and the festivities are fast approaching. You want to make the most of the occasion by giving memorable gifts to your loved ones. Although there is no real substitute for your presence, there is a lot you can convey with meaningful presents. Here is a list of gift ideas which are sure to resonate with your near and dear ones.

Personalized gifts

Personalized items with a practical utility make for some of the most memorable gifts. You can easily personalize coffee mugs, wine glasses, carry bags, t-shirts, calendars, cards, photo frames, wall clocks, towels, notepads, pens, USB sticks, briefcases, desk organizers, soft toys, pet accessories, and hundreds of other items. You can use creative messages and photos to personalize your gifts. Sites such as vistaprint, zazzle, shutterfly and many others can create and directly ship customized gifts to your recipients. One of the great things about giving such personalized gifts is the fun of creating them. There is a wealth of innovative options and permutations to ensure that your gifts will be truly unique. There are plenty of suitable gift ideas for office colleagues and clients from work as well.


One of the most appreciated gift ideas is to support a loved one’s hobby or interest. A replacement for a worn backpack for the consummate traveler friend, a piece of photographic equipment for the avid shutterbug in your family, the missing piece in an almost complete collection of miniatures that your nephew has been putting together; such insightful gift ideas are certain to be valued. Moreover such gifts convey your thoughtfulness and show what a caring person you are.


Many of us miss out on great subscriptions because we simply don’t know all our options. Subscriptions, especially to good periodicals and publications, can open up completely new worlds and have much positive impact on our perspective and productivity. Treat a loved one to a year’s subscription of a magazine or journal on a subject which you feel would be useful to them. Alternatively you could gift them a subscription of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or other ‎streaming media in case you feel they don’t already get enough entertainment.


An increasing number of people are adopting a policyof not giving or accepting gifts. This practice aims to stop accumulatingunnecessary stuff and to try and gradually unburden our lives from clutter. Anexcellent alternative to sending gifts or cards is to send money. The obviousand remarkable advantage of money as a gift is that the recipient can buywhatever and whenever they want with it. You also get to save the time andeffort spent on looking for suitable gift ideas. Another great benefit ofsending money as a gift from abroad is that the exchange rate works to youradvantage. Your loved one receives the amount post currency conversion. Theideal way to send money online is through a reliable and quick service such as Ria MoneyTransfer, not least because of the highly competitive fees and exchange rates.When you gift money, be prepared to be surprised by the creativity with whichyour loved ones spend it.

Gifts for young people

Many youngsters nowadays spend too much time with game consoles, smartphones and TVs. Limiting screen time is important but difficult unless interesting and productive alternatives are available. Gifting hobby kits, puzzles and building blocks can help youngsters willingly stay away from their electronic devices, while providing them avenues for creative and constructive expression. Gifting good books that match their interests, needs and age can help encourage a reading habit early in life. You can find an inexhaustible list of creative gift ideas for young folk online, and have your gifts shipped to your loved ones without ever having to step into a store.