A Visit to the Financial Capital

Delhi is the capital of India and is considered to be a territory of magnificence and splendour. But if all that grandeur of Delhi isn’t enough for you and you prefer living life in the fastest lane, maybe visiting the city of Mumbai would be preferable to you. Often known as the “New York City of India”, Mumbai is the capital city of the Maharashtra state and is known for providing its residents with a life that is as lavish as it is chaotic. It is the Dream City, where almost every landlocked city and village dweller yearns to migrate to. There is no “best time” to visit Mumbai; it won’t fail to blow your mind at any time of the year. So, get packing and make sure to check the Delhi to Mumbai flights, before beginning your journey to the Indian land of opportunity.

Below are a number of destinations in Mumbai that you can’t afford to miss during your trip.

The Gateway of India

Probably the most popular destination of them all is the Gateway of India. The Gateway of India is a historic monument built in the year 1924 and is in many instances, known as the Symbol of Mumbai. Other than being the symbolic representation of Bombay city, the destination also holds historic importance. The reason for the building of this monument was to honour the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India. Though the monument was finished building in the year 1924, the work on it had originally started in the year 1911, when the couple visited India. Directly opposite the Gateway of India is the famous Taj Hotel.

Elephanta Caves

Complementing the Gateway of India is another very famous tourist destination in Mumbai: The Elephanta Caves. These are a series of temples, built inside caves located on the island of Gharapuri, also known as the Elephanta Island. The Elephanta Caves are located just off of Mumbai Harbour and can be visited by ferry from the Gateway of India. Though the topic of the time period in which these cave temples were built is debatable, many come to the conclusion that it was built somewhere in between 5th and 8th Century A.D. The cave temples were built by settlers on the island. In the year, 1987, the destination was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thus making it a “must visit” place on your trip to Mumbai.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is another famed destination to visit in the city of Mumbai. Marine Drive is basically a 3.6 kilometre-long road on the western coast of India, overlooking the Arabian Sea. The road is accompanied by a promenade on the coastal side, which is famous for holding official as well as unofficial events, in which there is a large crown. The road is also lined with luxury hotels and expensive branded stores. When viewed from an elevation, especially at night, the streetlights on this road resemble the pearls on a necklace. Hence, Marine Drive is also referred to as the Queen’s Necklace. Marine Drive is complemented by Chowpatty Beach, a beach in South Mumbai famed for its tasty street food.

These famous tourist destinations have made Mumbai the famous city that it is today. So, without wasting another second, go check out the Delhi to Mumbai flights schedule to visit Mumbai as soon as you can.